Yoast Plugin Best Alternatives

Are you searching Yoast Plugin Best Alternatives in 2020? If yes, There are many Top Class WordPress Plugin for SEO and you can try this for your best website.

Yes, of course Yoast Plugin is more popular plugin of WordPress with more than 5 million + active install But there are many other plugin which you must try if you are thinking big. As no one plugin/tool is perfect and suit to everyone.

Top Competitor – Yoast Plugin Best Alternatives

1. All in One SEO Plack

All in One SEO Plack

All in One SEO Plack wordpress plugin come after yoast plugin in terms of download and usability. More than 2 million website is currently using this plugin.

Pro Plan available for pro website and you should buy if you are thinking about big story and we can say that this is Yoast Plugin Best Alternatives of WordPress.

2. RankMath Free Tool

RankMath SEO Free Tool

RankMath SEO Free Tool is one of the best Tool and you must try if you want to go with free tool. More than 4,00,000 active website is using this plugin.

They provide very fast support for all type of problem and you can go with RankMath SEO Free WordPress Tool Plugin. You can use Yoast Plugin Best Alternatives for website and we have also compared between Yoast Vs RankMath.

3. SEOPress


This is very simple and powerful SEO Plugin of wordpress. You can use Pro Plan at very affordable cost. You can pay $39/- and use on all your website. SEOPress count as Yoast Plugin Best Alternatives.

4. Premium SEO Pack – WordPress Plugin

Premium SEO Pack

You can go with Premium SEO Pack, if you want to buy paid plugin. Just you need to pay $44/- once and lifetime usages and update. More than 8K people has paid for this plugin and grow their website.

5. The SEO Framework WordPress Plugin

The SEO Framework WordPress plugin

The SEO Framework WordPress Plugin has used by more than 1,00,000 website and average 4.9 rating by their user. Although this plugin is free but still you can use extension for more feature.

Yoast Comparison with RankMath in 2020

There are many Yoast Plugin Best Alternatives available and we are comparing top 2 free option, so you can select any one.

Yoast Plugin Best Alternatives
Feature (Best SEO Plugin WordPress 2020)Rank Math FreeYoast Free
Optimal Settings Pre-SelectedYesNo
Clean User InterfaceYesNo
Simple Setup WizardYesLimitted
Compatibility CheckYesNo
Auto Canonical URLsYesYes
LSI Keyword Tool IntegratedYesNo
Track Keyword RankingYesNo
Google Search Console IntegrationYesNo
1 Click Import From Yoast SEOYesNo
1 Click Import From AIO SEOYesYes
Import AIO Schema Rich SnippetsYesNo
Advanced SEO Analysis ToolYesNo
70+ Detailed SEO TestsYesNo
SEO Analysis ScoreYesNo
SEO WarningsYesYes
SEO Failed TestsYesNo
Automated Image SEOYesNo
Powerful Post OptimizationYesNo
Supports Custom Post TypeYesYes
Bulk Edit Titles & DescriptionsYesYes
Post Preview on GoogleYesYes
Content AnalysisYesYes
Control SEO For Single PagesYesYes
Control The TitleYesYes
Control Meta DescriptionYesYes
Auto Add Additional Meta DataYesNo
Focus KeywordYesYes
Control ROBOTS MetaYesYes
Choose a Primary CategoryYesYes
Google Keyword SuggestionYesYes
Optimize Upto 5 KeywordsYesNo
Choose Pillar Posts & PagesYesYes
Internal Linking SuggestionsYesYes
Capitalize TitlesYesNo
Fix Google Crawl ErrorsYesYes
Powerful XML SitemapYesYes
Module Based SystemYesNo
Advanced Redirection ManagerYesNo
Smart & Automatic Post RedirectsYesNo
301 Redirection TypeYesNo
302 Redirection TypeYesNo
307 Redirection TypeYesNo
410 Redirection TypeYesNo
451 Redirection TypeYesNo
Support for RegexYesNo
Debug RedirectionsYesNo
Redirect Attachments to ParentYesYes
Simple 404 MonitorYesNo
Advanced 404 MonitorYesNo
Role ManagerYesNo
16 Google Schema Markup TypesYesNo
Article SchemaYesYes
Book SchemaYesNo
Course SchemaYesNo
Event SchemaYesNo
Job Posting SchemaYesNo
Local Business SchemaYesNo
Music SchemaYesNo
Person SchemaYesNo
Product SchemaYesNo
Recipe SchemaYesNo
Restaurant SchemaYesNo
Review SchemaYesNo
Service SchemaYesNo
Software/App SchemaYesNo
Video SchemaYesNo
FAQ SchemaYesYes
HowTo SchemaYesYes
193 Local Business TypesYesNo
Social Media OptimizationYesYes
Add Overlay Icons On Social ImagesYesNo
Default OpenGraph ThumbnailYesYes
Auto Facebook Open GraphYesYes
Facebook AuthorshipYesYes
FB Open Graph for HomepageYesYes
Automatic Twitter Meta CardsYesYes
Twitter Card for HomepageYesNo
Default Twitter Card TypeYesYes
Social PreviewsYesNo
Default Share ImageYesYes
Support for knowledge GraphYesYes
Google+ URL for SERPsYesNo
LinkedIn URL for SERPsYesNo
Instagram URL for SERPsYesNo
Youtube URL for SERPsYesNo
Pinterest URL for SERPsYesNo
SoundClound URL for SERPsYesNo
Tumblr URL for SERPsYesNo
Myspace URL for SERPsYesNo
Represent site as a PersonYesYes
Represent site as a CompanyYesYes
Choose a Separator CharacterYesYes
Modify Global MetaYesYes
Strip Category BaseYesYes
Remove Stopwords from PermalinksYesYes
Search Engine Verification ToolsYesYes
Bing Site VerificationYesYes
Baidu Site VerificationYesYes
Alexa Site VerificationYesNo
Yandex Site VerificationYesYes
Google Site VerificationYesYes
Pinterest Site VerificationYesNo
Norton Safe Web Site VerificationYesNo
SEO BreadcrumbsYesNo
Auto Show BreadcrumbsYesNo
Advanced Link OptionsYesNo
Nofollow All External Image LinksYesNo
Nofollow All External LinksYesNo
Open External Links in New TabYesNo
Ping Search EnginesYesYes
Contact Info ShortcodeYesNo
Compatible with EDDYesYes
Lines of Code32K95.8K
PHP-FIG Coding Standards UsedYesNo
Optimize Archive PagesYesYes
Optimize Author Archive PagesYesNo
.htaccess EditorYesYes
robots.txt EditorYesYes
Import/Export SettingsYesYes
Import/Export RedirectionsYesYes
RSS OptimizationYesYes
Add Content before RSS FeedYesYes
Add Content after RSS FeedYesYes
Version ControlYesNo
Detailed DocumentationYesYes
Contextual HelpYesYes
Multisite CompatibleYesYes
24x7x365 SupportYesYes

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There are many Yoast Plugin Best Alternatives available. I recommend for RankMath as Best SEO Plugin for WordPress. This is free and you can give a try in your any website and then you can decide which one is better. You can say that Yoast Plugin Best Alternatives is Rank math.