How to earn from Infolinks

Are you running any blog? Are you social influencer? Or any online business? If yes! you should earn extra from your website. Now main question is : How to earn from Infolinks?

There are very simple step to monetize your website through infolinks.

  1. Visit
  2. Sign-up as publisher
  3. Infolink will review your application and they will send email.
  4. Now login infolink acocunt, copy affiliate link and insert in your header part.
  5. Finally, focus on your website for more traffic so you can earn through affiliate.

FAQ of earn from Infolinks

Q1: How Infolinks Work for publisher?

Answer: There are 4 option for publisher i.e. (1) Ads, (2) Intag Ads, (3) Inframe Ads, (4) Infold Ads.

Q2: What is eligibility criteria for websites from infolinks?

Answer: Anyone can join infolink just make sure your are website don’t publish any illegal content or offensive way.

Q3. How do I earn money from Infolinks?

Answer: You can earn from views and clicks count towards your earnings. Means you earn when visitors engage with your Infolinks ads.

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