Zara Case Study

Zara is one of the largest international fashion companies and you will view details about Zara Case Study on Area wala story segment.

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One famous story about Zara

One lady search zara near me store and visit nearest store of Zara. She ask pink scarf but sad because no any pink scarf.

Same demand came in other’s part of word, so Zara management team thought…….

We should work on this demand and they manufacturer 5,000 pink scarf and sell within few days.

Zara Fashion

Zara Characteristics:

  1. Unconventional
  2. No discount
  3. Limited Sale
  4. Customer behaviour as explorer

Zara’s 5 Business Strategy

  • 1st Zara Strategy: Customer co-operation.
  • 2nd Zara Strategy: Lower Quantities of single Style
  • 3rd Zara Strategy: Short self life
  • 5th Zara Strategy: More design option
  • 6th Zara Strategy: Two orders per week per store

Zara Near me Locator

You can view and Zara near me store. You can also view other business case study i.e. Cashify

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