Big Basket Case Study

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TOC of Big Basket Case Study

  1. BigBasket Starting Story
  2. BigBasket Business Model and Source of Revenue
  3. BigBasket Funding
  4. BigBasket Acquisition
  5. BigBasket Competitors
  6. Conclusion

1st – BigBasket Starting Story

Dream started in 1999 year and finally established in October 2011 with 5 co-founder and rock in online grocery market.

  • Mr Hari Menon – CEO, and one of the founders of Bigbasket.
  • Mr V S Sudhakar
  • Mr Vipul Parekh
  • Mr Abhinay Choudhari
  • Mr V S Ramesh

BigBasket is a online grocery delivery startup where you can place order from apps and they deliver very quickly and efficiently. BB present in 25 cities with 10 million registered people.

2nd – Business Model and Source of Revenue

BigBasket earn revenue from 3 different source:

  1. Profit commission of food delivery: BigBasket deliver India’s best grocery brand and earn profit between 5% to 10%.
  2. Self Brand Label product selling: BigBasket pack grocery item and earn good profit from own self brand product. Profit may vary from 10% to 30%.
  3. Subscription Plan: They offer Subscription plan for quick delivery and earn regular income.

3rd – Funding

BigBasket has acquired 4 company and these are Morning Cart, KWIK24, Raincan and Delyver.

4th – Acquisition

BigBasket has raised a total of USD 1 Billion in 15 rounds till now. Latest fund achieved on Jul 29, 2019 from a Debt Financing round.

5th – BigBasket Competitors

There are top 5 BigBasket Competitors or Alternative in India and these are:

  1. Grofers;
  2. PepperTap;
  3. Nature’s Basket;
  4. ZopSmart;
  5. DMart;
  6. Tokri;
  7. Kingbasket;
  8. GrocerKey;
  9. Satvacart;
  10. Milkbasket;


BigBasket is a unicorn company and market leader in this segment. You can visit official website on – for more information and call customer care number 18601231000. View latest news

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