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Bhawra Flowers Bee Mithila Art Card by Sweta


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Buy Bhawra Flowers Bee Mithila Art Card by Sweta for your house/office or gift purpose. This is unique Mithila art images painting created by expert artist teacher hand and you can buy and give gift.

Instruction for Overseas Buyer

Outside India Delivery Cost Extra: $50/-

We don’t charge any shipping cost if delivery in India.  You have to pay $50 extra for Mithila Art Hand Painting, if you want to deliver from out of India. Contact Us/Chat online if need bulk order.

Painting Specification

  1. Available Quantity only one. All our hand painting is unique so available only one quantity.
  2. Painting on Handmade Paper
  3. Multi color has used
  4. Size: 7 x 7 inch
  5. Unframed
  6. unique style

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