MBA Assignment Submission

You have to submit MBA Assignment for distance learning program. There are top class university for distance learning program. MBA Assignment Submission date as per given source.

MBA Assignment Submission Date

MBA Assignment Submission
MBA Assignment Submission
  1. IGNOU Distance Learning Program: 30 April 2020 – Source:
  2. Amity Distance Learning Program: 15th May 2020
  3. NMIMS Distance Program for June Session: 15 June 2020 – Source:
  4. ISBM Solved Assignment – 30th Dec 2020
  5. SCDL Solved Assignments – Aug – Sept. 2020
  6. Annamalai Solved Assignments – 28th Feb 2021

Q1. What is submission date of ignou mba course?

Answer: You can submit assignment before 30th April 2020 for June Exam and 30th May 2020 for December Exam.

Q2. Can I submit soft copy assignment?

Answer: No. You have to prepare hand written assignment for IGNOU Assignments.

Q3. Can I get reference material for assignment?

Answer: You can get reference material from few academic help portal.

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