CareVision The World’s First EI Home Camera

BetOnIndia Technology Pvt Ltd Launch CareVision The World’s First EI Home Camera. The first ever innovative consumer electronics product launched globally and Yes this is made in India.

CareVision is a smart home camera which has advanced EI features (emotionally intelligent) built on top of advanced AI hardware. CareVision goes beyond home protection and offers parents the opportunity to keep informed when away from home, in touch with their loved ones.

Feature of CareVision The World’s First EI Home Camera

  • Patented Summaries: Keep your loved ones updated during the day
  • Call button / Panic Alarm: You can reach your loved ones anytime by pressing a button
  • Video / audio in two ways: interact with your loved ones as though you were with them
  • Updates to Live Window: Ability to monitor your loved ones anytime or anywhere
  • AI hardware Best In Class: Great software features built on top of the best AI hardware
  • Portability: Use the built in rechargeable battery CareVisionTM anywhere
  • Local Storage: All data stored / delivered from the SD card that removes cloud fees
  • CareVision will be available across the world (on in July 2020, at $99 (INR 7500).

“The unique combination of AI and EI features from CareVision will enable users to be” proactive “rather than” reactive “and will give our users peace of mind that they will never miss any significant events with their loved ones at home,” says C S Raghunandan, CTO, CareVision.

For further information please contact:

Janet Simpson / Chandru Bolaki
BetOnIndia Technology Private Limited
USA: +1 925 718 3105, India: +91 9740477575
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Media Contact: Chandru Bolaki, [email protected], +91-9740477575, MD/Founder, BetOnIndia Technology Private Limited

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