MBA 2nd Year Annamalai Solution

Annamalai mba solved assignments 2021

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Organizational Behaviour

  1. Suggest any suitable motivational theory for IT industry and substantiate your views.
  2. “Attitude determines your Altitude”-Substantiate your views on this quote with relevant corporate examples.
  3. “A happy Worker is a productive worker”- Discuss in a behavioral perspective.
  4. ‘Organizational development involves the development of organization in the light of its future expansion plan’. Elaborate your views.

Management Information System

  1. Discuss MIS strategies that companies in the electricity utilities industry could employ to achieve a competitive advantage.
  2. Some have said that the best way to reduce systems development costs is to use application software packages or fourth-generation tools. Do you agree? Why or Why not?
  3. Adopting an enterprise application is a key business decision as well as a technology decision. Do you agree? Why or Why not? Who should make this decision?
  4. Discuss in detail the activities involved in development of e-commerce based Information System in an organization.

Database Management System

  1. Write a short description of the purpose of PL /SQL procedure. Include simple operating instructions. If the procedure takes any arguments, include a sample input that causes it to execute successfully. If your procedure raises an exception, include instructions on how to get it to raise the exception.
  2. Define first, second, and third normal forms when only primary keys are considered. How do the general definitions of 2NF and 3NF, which consider all keys of a relation, differ from those that consider only primary key?
  3. What do you mean by PL/SQL? What are the advantages of PL/SQL over SQL? Explain the functions of control loops with examples.
  4. Is DBMS usage always advisable or sometimes we may depend on file base systems? Comment on the statement by describing the situation where DBMS is not a better option and file base systems is better.


  1. Describe the current e-commerce scenario in India and explain the future prospect of e-commerce.
  2. Consider the development of a portal for a Retailer shop. Discuss the various technologies, tools and components involved in designing the same.
  3. Discuss the challenges and opportunities of e-commerce in Indian Software Industry.
  4. Explain the characteristics of large companies that involve B2G and B2C transactions in their business, which require robust, capable and scalable electronic commerce system.

Enterprise Resource Planning

  1. Imagine that you are a manager in a firm and implemented ERP system but that is failed in your company, what type of strategies that you will follow to recover it?
  2. Implementation of an ERP system is a major investment and commitment for any organization, but still many ERP implementations fail. What are factors that contribute to the failure of ERP implementation?
  3. A Leading Software Company wants to implement ERP Software. Select software of your interest and give the steps of implementing that ERP software in the company.
  4. Enlist the general problems faced during implementation of ERP and the solution for it.

Data Warehousing And Data Mining

  1. Outline the major research challenges of data mining in one specific application domain, such as stream/sensor data analysis, spatiotemporal data analysis, or bioinformatics.
  2. Data quality can be assessed in terms of several issues, including accuracy, completeness, and consistency. For each of the above three issues, discuss how data quality assessment can depend on the intended use of the data, giving examples. Propose two other dimensions of data quality
  3. A data warehouse can be modeled by either a star schema or a snowflake schema. Briefly describe the similarities and the differences of the two models, and then analyze their advantages and disadvantages with regard to one another. Give your opinion of which, might be more empirically useful and state the reasons behind your answer.
  4. Data cubes and multidimensional databases contain nominal, ordinal, and numeric data in hierarchical or aggregate forms. Based on what you have learned about the clustering methods, design a clustering method that finds clusters in large data cubes effectively and efficiently

Software Project Management

  1. Identify the key aspects in which modern software project management practices differs from those of traditional software project management.
  2. Assume the size of an organic type software product has been estimated to be 32,000 lines of source code. Assume that the average salary of a software engineer is Rs.75,000 per month. Determine the effort required to develop the software product and the nominal development time.
  3. (a) List any four attributes that contribute to the quality software product. Discuss how they influence software quality.
    (b) Develop a set of guidelines for conducting a formal technical review.
  4. Illustrate with a software, the process in determining the software WBS architecture, populate the software WBS and in determining the cost categories for the software.

Advanced Web Design

  1. Develop a XML application to get the details of Book s(Title, Author Name, ISBN No, Publisher details). List out the details of Management related books. Write DTD, Schema, XZL wherever required?
  2. A. Discuss abut EJB architecture and its Components with neat diagram.
    B. Describe the important services provided by a container to an enterprise bean?
  3. Develop an employee Payroll system using (RMI) Techniques, the primary methods of Payroll calculation should be accessed from remotely.
  4. Design web page for hospital Management system with all DHTML features and display the hospital name in all pages using Cookies in JSP.

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