How to disable duplicate wordpress block

Sometime there are two same block present, so create confusion. Now question arise – How to disable duplicate wordpress block? Yes, this is very easy solution.


Example of Duplicate Block

Suppose you are using Jetpack plugin as well as UlitmateBlock. Both has rating plugin for post or page.

Now, when you try to insert rating block in your post/page. Simply popup two different rating block and create confusion.

So, now you need to fix this problem.

How to disable duplicate wordpress block in 2020

Simple easy method for fix duplicate block from block manager.

Total Time: 1 minute

Step 1: Open Block Manager

Just open any post/page or create new post/page. Click on u003cstrongu003eMore Tool and Optionu003c/strongu003e and open Block Manager. You can view in screenshot.

Step 2: Search Block Name

Simply type your duplicate block name and block name will filter.

Step 3: Simpy uncheck unwanted block

In final step, simply uncheck your unwanted block name and now, you will see only one block in post/page.

Why rating block of UlitmateBlock is better than Jetpack?

There is no doubt jetpack plugin good plugin but we found Jetpack rating system give google warning in schema till july 2020.

But Ultimateblock didn’t give any warning in schema.

We face this problem today as on 11th July 2020 when I suddenly check one post in schema.

So, I found Ultimateblock plugin and this plugin is free too. One more feature in rating block. You can insert text in rating.

There are many feature in Ultimate Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Plugin including rating block.

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