How to disable direct folder access

Check your whether folder url whether anyone can open. Yes! Now simple hack for disable direct folder access. You can disable folder access for public within 1 min through htaccess.

disable direct folder access

Why Disable folder direct access?

  • Anyone can access your website folder and can theft your images or file
  • Security Whole

How to disable direct folder access?

You can disable your website file folder through htaccess within 1 min. This is very simple and anyone can do.

Total Time: 1 minute

Step 1: Open file manager

Just connect file manager and open htaccess

Step 2 – Insert below mention code

Yes, simply insert this codeu003cbru003eOptions -Indexes

Step 3 – Save and Refresh any folder

Now, save htaccess and refresh folder. You will can’t access directly through URL. Now public can’t direct access any file or folder through url.

Video Tour for fixes of direct access folder

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