Function key settings changes

I struggle full day for change setting of function key, so can use normal function key i.e. F1 to F12. But failed to find Function key settings changes.

So finally found very easy method for this changes and you can do if you got stuck.

We are listing 4 option and hope any one option will work for you.

1st Option for Function key settings changes

Option for Function key settings changes

Simply press Esc + Fn key at a time and try now.

Hope this is the easiest method and you can do within a second.

2nd Option for Function key settings changes

  • Press Windows + X Key
  • Click on Mobility Center
  • Change Function Key Behavior.
Function key settings changes


  • Open Control Panel
  • Select Windows Mobility Center
  • In Windows Mobility Center window, locate Fn Key Behavior.
  • Click the drop down arrow and select Function key from the menu.

3rd Option for Function key Changes from Bios

You can change from BIOS setting. Simply re-start your pc and go to BIOS setting (Press F2) > Then Advance Setting and change Function Key Behaviour.

3rd Option for Function key Changes from Bios


We have listed three different option for How to select Function Keys are F1-F12 Keys or Special Keys? and hope you any option will fix your problem.

But Still Problem for Setting of Function Key?


Contact from hardware engineer. May be your windows is corrupt or any virus. You can keep backup your file and try reset to factory setting.

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