Fatal Error Warning from WordPress

How To Solve Fatal Error Warning from WordPress? You shocked, when you see Fatal Error Warning in your WordPress site. So we will guide, how to fix wordpress fatal error warning.

Cause for Fatal Error Warning from WordPress

  1. Main Reason for Fatal Error: Typically fatal error due to takes a long time to run and The time limit is important because it helps prevent the abuse of server resources.
  2. Bad Coding: Bad plugin will cause problems regardless of what theme and plugins you are using. Plugin code can be incompatible with the code used in the WordPress core files, That’s why maximum plugin developers update plugins immediately after new version release of WordPress so that their plugin is compatible. But it is very unfortunately, there are many plugin developers is doing part time or not serious about their work. So you must select plugin after analyze their credibility.
  3. Conflict with Another Plugin or Theme: Plugins do not always work well together. Its happen when the plugins offer similar functionality. Means two plugin similar work and conflict each other. So must select good plugin and/or premium plugin. “OR” Conflict with Your Theme: Many theme functions are placed in the functions.php file of wordpress theme. Problems can occur if it is coded badly or if it conflicts with another plugin. So first try default theme twenty twenty

Step by STep fix for Fatal Error Warning

Step 1:

Go to file manager and locate htaccess in root folder.

Step 2:

Once you locate the .htaccess file, right-click and open ‘View/Edit’ option in code editor/text editor. This will open the file with in a text editor.

Step 3:

Next, you need to add this line at the bottom of your .htaccess file:
php_value max_execution_time 300

This code simply sets the value for max execution time to 5 min (300 seconds). You can now visit your website to see if the error is resolved.

If, you still get the error, then try increasing the value to 600. You can contact from your hosting company for exact solution.


You can hire us for fix problem if unable to fix from above or comments below, so anyone will try to reply for your query.