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Why Join Areawala Affiliate?

  1. Free to Join and anyone can join.
  2. Earn commission: 10%
  3. Zero investment – Anyone can Join even without website.

1. Free SignUp

Yes. Join free powerful Affiliate program where you will earn for every successful sale.

2. Promote

Promote affiliate link through your website or social media. You can promote “complete website plan”, “Local SEO”, “WordPress Maintenance Plan” and other products.

Successfully Sale Commission: 10%

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The more you promote the more you earn. You get paid for every successful conversion that takes place via your affiliate link. Special bonus for best affiliate.

FAQ of Areawala Affiliate Program

Q1. How much I can earn from affiliate program?

Answer: You can earn 10% on all products and services sale. We have very affordable popular plan for small business, so easy way to bring customer and earn regular income.

You can promote different type of Indian regional product and can earn 10% flat commission for successfully sale.

Q2. Is website mandatory for become affiliate program?

Answer: No. You can join our program and promote on your social media account.
You can buy complete website from us, if you don’t have website. Although website is not mandatory for join our program

Q3. What is minimum payout slab?

Answer: Rs. 2000/- is minimum requirement for payment. We will release payment on 25th day of next month cycle when reach Rs. 2000/- cap.

Q4. Can I become affiliate if I am not resident of India?

Answer: Yes. Our service offering to all our world and your visitor can avail our service.
So you can become affiliate even if you are not Indian and we will pay in USD as current rate through paypal.

INR Indian rupee