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Areawala® is one the best Business Directory of India, USA, UAE, UK and Canada. Post your business in the fastest growing yellow pages for regional area business listing.

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Accounting – Tax Services Directory
Arts – Culture – Entertainment Directory
Banking – Finance Directory
Business Services Directory
Community Organizations Directory
Education Directory
Home Improvement Directory
Insurance Directory
Internet – Web Services Directory

Legal Services Directory
Lodging – Travel Directory
Marketing – Advertising Directory
News – Media Directory
Pet Services Directory
Real Estate Directory
Restaurants – Nightlife Directory
Shopping – Retail Directory
Sports – Recreation Directory
Transportation Directory
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Wedding – Events – Marriage Directory

FAQ – Frequently Ask Question of Directory

Q1: What is Business Directory?

Answer: Basically, Business Directory is a searchable online registry portal, where listings are grouped according to a category or type.
The business name, address and contact information, opening hours, images, inbound links to the business website, and directions are typically included in the local business directory. Visitor may include the chance to review the business about it.

Q2: How do I get a list of my businesses in Areawala and other business directory?

Answer: Generally all business directory provide free services and you can post your business in top rated website portal. Keep all NAP (Name address and Phone) as same, so you can take advantage of local business citation.

Q3: How many form are Business directory?

Answer: There are two types of Business directory i.e. i) General multiple niche directories and ii) Specific niche directories.

i) General multiple niche directories: which includes entries from a wide range of different business categories and is not limited to a single specialty or industry (Example: Google My Business, Yelp, Areawala®)

ii) Specific niche directories: which cater to a more limited set of business kinds, such as those in specialised industries, specialties, or subjects (or sometimes regions). Niche directories may also specialise in reaching out to specific audiences or organisations, such as businesses. Business Network, a B2B business directory, is a good example of this.

Q4: What is procedure for get customers from my Area?

Answer: You can get customer from your local area.
i. Firstly, Post and verify business in Google My Business.
ii. Secondly, Post your business in Local Directory and Classified Site.
iii. Ask for referrals whenever any new customer, friend or relative.
iv. Build Network
v. Offer discounts and incentives. Post these offer on deal site and social media.
vi. Re-contact old customers
vii. Improve your website blog and engage visitor through search
viii. Partner with complementary businesses
ix. Promote your expertise in different forum
x. Accumulate online reviews where reviews system available.

Q5: How can I promote my business locally?

Answer: Here are seven ways to free online promotion, because low budget:
i. Firstly, use the 10 big local listing services
ii. Secondly, Use social media, because its almost free to start.
iii. Thirdly, Start a blog due to blog important role.
iv. Put up multimedia on YouTube and Flickr
v. SEO company website, even you can learn and do yourself.
vi. Post Online Classified Advertisement
vii. Finally, Join a relevant online community and contribute.