Best WordPress Comment Plugin

Comments play important role and generate lot of good user content alongwith increase traffic. So you need Best WordPress Comment Plugin for your wordpress website.

Best WordPress Comment Plugin in 2020

You can use default comments plugin of wordpress but you need best comments plugin if you need more power. There are many top rated WordPress Comment Plugin available but you can analyze best one for your website.

1. Jetpack Default Comment

Jetpack Default Comment

Jetpack Default Comment System is one the best comment plugin and you can use. Best part is you can use many more default feature in your website like auto share on social media, share button, image cdn and others.

Best part of jetpack you can use free always and also take premium plan if you required. More than 5 million website is using jetpack and you can take benefit of this wonderful plugin.

2. Thrive Comments Pro

Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments is paid wordpress comments plugin and you can give try if want to go as professional. You can pay $39/- and use for your professional website.

3. WpDiscuz Comment Plugin

WpDiscuz Comment Plugin

WpDiscuz Comment Plugin is the one the best comments plugin and trusted by more than 80K+ website with more than 4.8 rating.

There are many feature even in free plan and You can give try. This plugin add 10 request for website loading.

4. CleanTalk – Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall


CleanTalk is popular comments plugin of wordpress. This plugin work with other comment and contact plugin and you can stop spam comments from your website.

5. WpDevArt Social comments

WpDevArt Social comments

WpDevArt Social comments Plugin has tested by more than 20K+ website with average rating 4.5 of user. You can use many other feature from this plugin.

Free Features of this plugin

  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Tested with other popular plugins
  • Ability to set the box Title
  • Ability to set the Title text color, font-size, font family and position
  • Ability to select where to display it
  • Ability to set the width
  • Ability to set ordering and number to display
  • Ability to set the language

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FAQ of Comment Plugin

Q1: Why should I use dedicated comments wp plugin?

Answer: You can use default WP comment plugin but you need dedicated comments plugin for more feature and grow rapidly.

Q2: Can I use Free dedicated comments wp plugin?

Answer: Yes! There are almost all plugin free to use and you can try before purchase premium plan.

Q3: Is comment store in wordpress database?

Answer: Yes. All comments store in your wp database either you use default plugin or dedicated plugin.


We have listed all best available plugin and you can decide as per your requirement. Every plugin has own pros and cons. You must first analyze your requirement and use them.

You can go with Jetpack if you want to use free and Use Thrive Comments Plugin if you want to go with paid plan.