Best Restaurant and Catering Service of Noida Extension

Best Restaurant and Catering Service of Noida Extension

You can view Best Restaurant and Catering Service of Noida Extension. You can get information only from Greater Noida West Region not near by location.

There are more than 55 Restaurant and Catering Service in Noida Extension but you can avail service from top 10 rated food junction of greater noida west.

Best Restaurant and Catering Service of Noida Extension in 2021

RankTop 10 Restaurant of Greater Noida West (N. Extension)ARating
1.Maayas Sweets Gaur CityEditors Choice
Maayas Sweets is the Best Restaurant and Catering Service of Noida Extension. You can try this restaurant with your family and hope you will enjoy.
You can visit – Araza Square-1, Gaur City -1, Noida Extension and / or call on 9899979287
2.Roti aur Boti Gaur City
Roti and Boti is good restaurant in Greater Noida west and just nearby Maayas Sweets. You can visit Aarza Square , Gaur City 1, Sector 4, Noida Extension.
You can simply call on 9540616160 for order or book.
3.Sukh Sagar Restaurant Gaur City
You can visit SF 211 to 215, City Plaza, Gaur City 1 and enjoy your family time in the top 10 restaurant nearby your noida extension area.
4.Maa Sweet Restaurant near NavDurga Mandir
Maa Sweet Restaurant is one of the best restaurants of Noida Extension. You can visit Nau Devi Durga Mata Mandir Premises, Sector 2, West, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 203207 and enjoy your family time.
Call on : 9625532626 and 8178395048
5.DauJi Restaurant Roshan Lal
Shop.No. 19 & 20 Roshan Lal Plaza, Patwari, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201308
Call on: 098188 58640
6.Second Wife Restaurant – Panchsheel Greenaria
Address: Shop No 25, Panchsheel Greenaria
Call on: 8588882511
7.Dawat-e-Lucknow – Mayfair Residence
Address: 11, Mayfair Residence
Call on: 8745972910; 9625464172
8.Swad e Lazeez – Leisure Valley
Address: LG-13, Icon Leisure Valley. Call on 9873422755; 9643611033
9.Swastik Food – Samridhi Arcarde
Address: 12, GF, Samridhi Arcarde
Call on: 7838697774
10.La-Cuisine The Kitchen – Shri Radha Sky Garden
Address: Shop No 35, Shri Radha Sky Garden
Call on: 9910188876


Complete List of Noida Extension Restaurant

Restaurant of Greater Noida WestAddress of Greater Noida West Restaurant
Roti aur Boti – Gaur City; Call: 9540616160Aarza Square, Gaur City 1, Sector 4, Noida Extension
Maayas Sweets – Gaur City; Call: 9899979287Araza Square-1, Gaur City -1, Noida Extension
Punjabi Chicken Corner – Gaur City; Call: 7042779923Shop LG56, City Plaza, Gaur City
Desi Tadka – Gaur City; Call: 9990630043Shop 301,302,303,304, City Plaza, Noida Ex
Sukh Sagar – Gaur City; Call: 8510900062SF 211 to 215, City Plaza, Gaur City 1
Lucknowi Zaika – Gaur City; Call: 9643538211Lucknowi Zaika, LG-2, Gaur City 1,Noida Ex,Greater Noida West
The Food Stories – Gaur City; Call: 9999792374Gaur City 1, Sector 4, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201009
Green Chick Chop – Gaur City; Call: 9953199990LG14, City plaza, Gaur City 1
Deep Restaurant – Leisure Valley; Call: 7290991556Icon Leisure Valley
Bite Pastry Shop and Cafe – Arihant Arden; Call: 8527790904FF6, Arihant Arden, Sect 1
Badami’s Tohfa Taste Ka – Arihant Arden; Call: 9718983030FF08-09, Arihant Arden, Sect 1
Arora Dhaba – Arihant Arden; Call: 9968352856Shop 1, GF., Arihant Arcade
Arora Dhaba – Steller Jeevan; Call: 8377819769Shop 17, GF., Stellar Jeevan
Nosher’s Kitchen – Gaur City; Call: 8218503334SF-219,220,221; City Plaza, Gaur City 1, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201308
Swad e Lazeez – Leisure Valley; Call: 9873422755LG-13, Icon Leisure Valley
H and C food court – Leisure Valley; Call: 9999303484Kiosk No – 5, Icon Leisure valley, Tech zone IV
Lapino’s Pizaa – Mahagun Mart; Call: 7234002525GF37 Mahagun Mart in Noida Extension
Shyam Evergreen Sweet – Mahagun Mart; Call: 9555905714Shop 40-41, Mahagun Mart
Biggies Pizza – AAR City; Call: 9319527755GF-04-05, AAR City
Kake-Da-Hotel – AAR City; Call: 8800921666Aarcity Shopmart, Gaur city 2
Mughalistan foods – Gaur City; Call: 9771789786LG-27 City Plaza, Gaur City 1
Chawlas2 – Leisure Valley; Call: 9560629629UG17, Icon Leisure Valley
Kababi – Panchsheel Green; Call: 7290824595Panchsheel Green Kiosk
Swastik Food – Samridhi Arcarde; Call: 783869777412, GF, Samridhi Arcarde
Bharai Pasty and Cake – Samridhi Arcarde; Call: 881055717016, GF, Samridhi Arcarde
Bau Chicken Wale – Ajnara Homes; Call: 7292005136Kiosk Ajnara Homes
Simon’s Diner – Shri Radha Sky Garden; Call: 7042910276G25, Shri Radha Sky Garden
Veego Caterers and Restaurant – Shri Radha Sky Garden; Call: 8448535329Shop No 30, Shri Radha Sky Garden
La-Cuisine The Kitchen – Shri Radha Sky Garden; Call: 9910188876Shop No 35, Shri Radha Sky Garden
Nawab’s Restaurant – Shri Radha Sky Garden; Call: 7303818855Shop No 37, Shri Radha Sky Garden
Kokum Leaf – Shri Radha Sky Garden; Call: 9999858103Shop No 2, Shri Radha Sky Garden
Bakes taste the perfection – Shri Radha Sky Garden; Call: 9699970355Shop No 3, Shri Radha Sky Garden
Second Wife Restaurant – Panchsheel Greenaria; Call: 8588882511Shop No 25, Panchsheel Greenaria
Foodies Hub – Eco Village II; Call: 9354043304Shop No 23, Supertech Mart, Eco Village II
Rocking Grills – Saviour Greenarch; Call: 9990901113LGF 06A, Saviour Greenarch
Ghani in GreenArch – Saviour Greenarch; Call: 7428811958Saviour Greenarch
Flavours of Tandoor – Saviour Greenarch; Call: 8448810890Shop 20UG, Saviour Greenarch
Chat ka Chaska – Saviour Greenarch; Call: 7840885544Shop 03 UG, Saviour Greenarch
Muskan Bakery Café – Cherry County; Call: 9811851030Shop 11, Cherry County
SFBurger – Cherry County; Call: 7055617447Side Shop, Cherry County
McOlive – Cherry County; Call: 7303205558Shop 10, Cherry County
Vidhuri’s Kitchen – Cherry County; Call: 9897931115Near Cherry County, Choti Millak
The Yummee Spoon – Bansal Plaza; Call: 9650971677Shop 18, Bansal Plaza, Opp Ace City
Brown Bakers – Ace City; Call: 8376071603Shop GF15, Ace City
Roll Hub Hot Kathi Rolls – Ace City; Call: 9958593886Shop GF11 GF, Ace City
Food Street – Ace City; Call: 8527365806First Floor, Ace City Market
Chef’s Kitchen – Ace City; Call: 8448211836Shop No 115, Ace City Market
Zaika Kathi Rolls – Galaxy Vega; Call: 9319504420Galaxy Vega
Mittal Bakery and Cake – Mayfair Residence; Call: 784081787612, Mayfair Residence
Dawat-e-Lucknow – Mayfair Residence; Call: 874597291011, Mayfair Residence
Tandoor e Kitchen – Mayfair Residence; Call: 85888090047, Mayfair Residence
Champaran Restaurant – Patwari; Call: 9818720661Patwari Main Road, Sector 2, Opposite Havelia Apartment
Bhai Ji Bhai Di Hatti – Bansal Plaza; Call: 8130491950Shop 11, 12, Bansal Plaza, Opp Ace City
Chandra’s Kitchen Pure Veg Restaurant – Patwari; Call: 9899023911Plot No 407, Apartment shive Home 1, Near Bisharak Chow, Sector 2, Noida Ext
Punjabi Tadka in Ajnara Ajnara Homes; Call: 7838100056Ajnara Homes, Noida Extension

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