चिड़िया बनाना सीखे और अपने सोच को उड़ान दे 10th Class Twin Bird Making in Madhubani Painting

चिड़िया बनाना सीखे और अपने सोच को उड़ान दे! आप कोर्स ज्वाइन कर सकते है और अपने गुरु के साथ आर्ट और क्राफ्ट सीख कर पैसा भी कमा सकते है! तो देर किस बात की अभी ज्वाइन करे!

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मिथिला पेंटिंग इन हिंदी ! हां जी आप मधुबनी पेंटिंग सीख सकते है हिंदी में! मधुबनी पेंटिंग की शुरुआत ही हिंदी भाषी एरिया से हुई है!

Madhubani Painting Class 10th with Bird Tutorial

Tutorial of Twin Bird in Madhubani Painting

Time Needed : 1 hours

I am describing about Tutorial of Twin Bird in Madhubani Painting and you can learn step by step with the help of video.

  1. Take Plain paper pencil pen and eraser

    First take drawing paper sheet, pencil, pen and eraser and be positive that you can draw this painting easily.

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  2. Draw from pencil and use eraser where required while bird sketching and use pen for final touch.

    Draw from pencil as per given instruction in video and erase if not make good. Need more practice for bird making. First draw inner part of bird. Showing after drawing from pen for better visibility.

  3. Now, you can do final touch

    Finally do perfect look of Madhubani Painting. You can watch our video for step by step learning Madhubani painting or join our online class of Mithila painting. Its easy and most super affordable.

  • Only need drawing material like paper, pencil, eraser, pen, color and brush.
  • Material Required:
    1. Drawing sheet – You can use any drawing sheet. Buy from Amazon
    2. Pencil, eraser and scale
    4. Waterproof gel pen
    You can buy from any waterproof gel pen.
    We recommend from amazon which I am using.
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  • Prakash

    Interesting concept about fish. I will make fish of madhubani painting and hang on wall. Thanks for telling interesting fact about fish painting.

  • Riya Sen
    Riya Sen

    Good Training style. Thanks you Maam.

  • Santosh

    Learning online from Sweta Maam. Thanks.

  • Sonam

    Good border design for Madhubani painting. I will try from video and join your Madhubani Painting class after practice of few days.