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Join online painting class if you are housewife or student.

Madhubani Painting is a India’s best and oldest folk art. You can learn online from expert teacher and earn from home.

Also available: Madhubani painting online course for kids

Yes! We run Special Art Class for School student because student need special attention.

We provide best painting classes in Delhi NCR. You can join course online from any location and learn from expert art guru.

Madhubani Painting Online Demo Class is FREE

Benefit of Madhubani painting online course

  1. Learn and earn from home
  2. Build creativity and thinking ability
  3. Engagement in good creative work
  4. Releases their Hidden Expressions
  5. Expands their Emotional Intelligence
  6. Reduce stress level

Madhubani painting syllabus and other details

  • Lesson 1: Introduction and History of Madhubani Painting
  • Lesson 2: Learn Different type of Madhubani Painting Borders
  • Lesson 3: Learn Six types of Flowers in Madhubani Style
  • Lesson 4: Learn Six types of Fishes in Madhubani Art
  • Lesson 5: Learn Six types of Birds in Mithila Art
  • Lesson 6: Learn Six types of Animal in Mithila Art
  • Lesson 7: Learn Ritual Art in Madhubani Painting
  • Lesson 8: Learn God and Goddess Making in Madhubani Painting
  • Lesson 9: Learn Painting on Fabric
  • Lesson 10: Everything about next level. Guidance for Government Artist Registration. Setup online artist profile for jobs and business.

Class Time and Duration

  1. Duration : Six Months
  2. Time: 1 hrs per class
  3. Class: 3 days a week

Fee details

Admission Fee for Madhubani Painting CourseFREE
Monthly FeeRs. 800/- per month
Lump sum Fee

Common Question:
What happened if want to dis-continue for any reason?

Ans: You have paid for complete fee. Still you can leave course for any reason
Option 1: You can continue after few month within this fee
Option 2: You can take refund balance amount
(Will refund after deduction of Previous and Current month Fee)
Rs. 4000/- one time

1 Month FREE if pay one time
Certificate FeeFREE

In covid time, no need to search Madhubani Painting classes near me because you can learn Mithila Painting online from Arewawala® Art expert teacher. Our Art teacher will teach Madhubani Painting for beginners step by step, so you can get Mithila Painting Job and/or start your own Art and Craft business.

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FAQ of Online Mithila Painting Learning

  1. Why should learn Madhubani (Mithila) Painting if I am not from Bihar?

    Answer: Madhubani Painting is India's best and oldest folk art. Mithila Painting had started in the Ramayan period (Wedding of Bhagwan Rama and Sita Maa).
    You can prepare almost any painting if you learn madhubani art because its generic and tradition painting. This is very easy Madhubani Art.

  2. What is material requirement for Madhubani Art Classes?

    Answer: Madhubani Painting required very basic tool i.e. Paper, Pencil, Eraser, Gel pen, brush and colors. You can get from your nearest stationery or you can buy from Aamzon.

  3. What is online class time and duration for learn painting?

    Answer: We take class 3 days a week and you have to learn 6 month for perfect pro artist.

  4. Can I learn learn Madhubani painting online free?

    Answer: Yes! You can learn Madhubani painting online free from our Youtube channel video as well as joining from Indian Artist Group. You can ask from comments section in video and take free mentorship on Areawala Artist group.
    But you should join proper class and learn in systemic way. Fee is very affordable and you will not only learn but prepare as professional, so you can earn quickly.

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